David Arnold                                                                                                                                       313-505-9470 /  loudcymbalproduction@gmail.com



As a graduate of Los Angeles Film School, I obtained an Associates of Science Degree in Music Production. I gained valuable experience in Recording, Mixing, Original Music Production and Marketing. I hold a strong work ethic, meet deadlines, pay close attention to detail, these strong qualities will make me and asset for to your company. I have carried the same strengths over to Berklee School of Music Online where I am attending online to obtain my certificate in Advanced Professional Music Production using Pro Tools, which I anticipate graduating April 2022.


Academic Experience


Digital Recording Principals

  • Microphone techniques, gain staging, and equalization

  • Trained on how to get professional-sounding results from my laptop-based project studio

  • Trained with industry standard Digital Audio Workstations

  • Trained on the common challenges in the daily studio environment


Music Production for Media

  • Created music and various tonal edits to fit into a real-world advertisement

  • Implemented music into branding and marketing and discerned the elements that constitute standards in professional commercial productions

  • Constructed and produced advertisement campaign for Radio, Television and website branding


Work Experience


  Rustbelt Studio (Intern) - Royal Oak, MI.                                                                                                                                       1/2022 - Present

  Freelance (Owner, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Drummer - Loud Cymbal Production) – Clinton Township, MI                     3/2020 - Present

  Mountain Top International Word Ministries (Livestream Sound Engineer) - Oak Park, MI                                                       9/2021 - Present


Audio Engineer/Music Producer

  • Engineer and Producer independent artists (i.e., Blue Thorns, Maria Montoya)

  • Microphone placement and set-up on all instruments

  • Equipment used: Pro Tools, Studio One, Ableton Live, Focusrite 18i20 interface, MOTU 8PRE, Audient ASP800, ZOOM L-12, Lewitt, Shure, and AKG Microphones, JBL and Mackie Studio Monitors

  • Set up and maintain song distribution, using CDBaby and Songflowr

  • Edited song promotional videos, incorporating song mixes from Pro Tools, album art and photographs

Session Drummer

  • Set-up and Microphone a drum kit for optimum recording and sound

  • Import tracks, set up click track, and Export complete drum it mix using Pro Tools

  • Record for various independent artist around the world via file sharing



Berklee School of Music Online

  •  Music Production using Pro Tools Certificate Program                          March 2021 - Present

Los Angeles Film School

  • Associates of Science Degree in Music Production                                 March 2021


Key Skills

  • AVID Certified Pro Tools User, September 2021

  • Workflow: Set-up Templates, Input routing, Buss routing, I/O set up

  • Tuning Vocals: Melodyne

  • Office Software: Mac OS, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint